Fortify Your Home With Metal

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When you have a metal roof, there are few things you need to worry about in terms of maintenance and durability. You don't have to worry about shingles crumbling into your gutters or flying off during a windstorm.

Give your home a solid first line of defense from the elements with a metal roof. You can count on Klam Construction LLC of Happy Valley & Portland, OR to install a metal roof over your home.

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3 reasons to install metal roofing

If you're considering a roof replacement, a metal roof installation would be a great option. Here are a few reasons to consider adding a metal roof to your property:

  1. It reflects solar heat, leading to energy savings
  2. It resists weathering, fire, mildew, animal activity and rot
  3. It requires little maintenance over its lifespan

Consult with Klam Construction LLC about installing a metal roof.